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My Week of Dinners

This last week was extremely hectic. I had one obligation or another every single night. This in turn made for a great week to document my week of dinners.

Monday was the monthly dinner date with Joyce, Jamie, and Sabrina. We had originally planned to go to a different restaurant. However, the day turned out to be absolutely gorgeous. After a week of rain we all agreed it would be great to sit outside. So we switched to another restaurant in Saratoga Springs that has great outside seating. This worked out well too because I had been meaning to try Druthers since they opened. Everything was delicious. From the beer, to the pretzels, to my chicken burger. Everyone was satisfied to the last bite. The company was great as well, but that goes without saying. (more…)

A Sisterly Weekend

About a week ago the twins and I were discussing our Memorial Day Weekend plans. All three of us were shocked that this long weekend had come upon us so quickly. Melissa and I quickly realized we had zero plans and decided it would be a great idea to spend it together. She drove in Friday night which worked out perfectly, allowing us to really spend all of Saturday together. 

After enjoying a stack of blueberry pancakes and doing a few chores around the house, we hit the fairways and played a short round of golf. The weather was shotty looking however during our time out the sun kept on shining. It wasn’t until we finished our last hole that the rain started to come down. 


My Week of Dinners

Another hectic week behind me. Of course I had to document all of my tasty meals along the way. 

This week I enjoyed the company of my monthly dinner-date crew. We dined at one of my favorite restaurants in Albany, New World Bistro. The creativity and freshness the chef puts into every dish is amazing. You really cannot go wrong with any choice. We decided to share a bunch of smaller plates, and let me tell you, we had an explosion of flavors on our table. Here was the line up:
– “Cage” blackened string beans, one of my favorites!
– Warm curried cashews
– Hummus with flat bread and olives
– “Toscano” flat bread: fig jam, arugula, Gorgonzola, and topped off with truffle oil. Devinne!
– Fiddle head salad, which was on special that night. 
– Calamari 
And for dessert:
– Italian Ricotta Cheesecake
– Cookie Sandwich OTD: Vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two very large and warm chocolate chip cookies. Drizzled with chocolate sauce and sprinkled with chocolate chips.

Sweetwater Bar & Grill

I am not much of a restaurant reviewer. In fact, I do not know that I have ever written an official review ever (Yelp does not really count). However, I feel that it is my duty to portray my experience at Sweetwater Bar & Grill located in Boynton Beach, Florida. I visited Sweetwater while on my mini vacation a few weeks ago. Ryan had been wanting to try this little gem ever since his coworkers recommended it. So, on my last night in Florida we decided to see what it was all about.


My Week of Dinners

I figured I would make this topic a monthly occurrence. It seems that once a month I have an overload of dinner events in one weeks time. This is a perfect opportunity to share with all of you and document it for my own memories. 

Nick and I had his uncle and family over for dinner the night before. I haven’t made my own spaghetti sauce in quite a few years. I figured this was a great time to break out my old recipes and see what I could concocked. After a few twerks, I think I came up with a pretty decent sauce. To go along with the sauce I made turkey meatballs, spaghetti, and Caesar salad.  Of course I made too much, so we had the leftovers for dinner on Monday night. 

This week was Deirdre’s night to host. I must say, she hit this one out of the park. She kept an autumn theme to her meal by making roasted pork with an apple topping, sweet potato hash, and sautéed green beans. We finished the meal with a sour cream apple pie. Every last bit of it was amazing. 

Sabrina, Jamie, Joyce, and I had our monthly dinner date. There is a local Italian chain that opened up a new restaurant in the area. We decided to try out the new location. To start we had Italian nachos which consisted of fried ravioli noodles, Italian sausage, Asiago cheese, and various other toppings. It was actually quite delicious. For my main course I had tortellini with mushrooms, tomatoes, broccoli, and hot peppers. This was also very tasty, but boy was it spicy! 

I had been having a very long and difficult week at work. Nick was aware of this so he decided to cook me a dinner of grilled cheese and tomato soup. There is something so simple and enjoyable about this traditional childhood comfort food. Being the lover of spicy food that he is, Nick decided to add in jalepenos to his sandwich. 

Nick’s parents had the family over for dinner to spend some quality time with their relatives from out of town. We had homemade broccoli and sausage pizza, cheese pizza, shrimp scampi, and various other snacks. Unfortunately I was so wrapped up in conversation I forgot to get a picture of my meal. But trust me, it was Nick’s dad’s cooking, so it was delicious. 

Every few Saturdays I bartend for the day at a pub in my parents town. You really can not go wrong with any of the food they serve. However, since the past week had been full of carbs for dinner I stuck with a greens salad with grilled chicken, walnuts, gorgonzola, and balsamic vinaigrette. Again, I was busy serving customers so I was not able to get a quick picture of my meal. But I am sure you can picture it. 

Today we celebrated Nick’s grandfather’s 80th birthday. Most of the extended family went out to a local Italian restaurant. It was a very nice afternoon of good food and family time. Nick and I shared a small caesar salad, which sadly had a tad too much garlic. My meal however was delectable. I had rigatoni and chicken in a spicy tomato sauce. And of course you can’t forget the birthday cake. Yellow cake with strawberry filling and whipped cream frosting. MmmmMmmm!

National Taco Day

Just your typical Friday afternoon. Sitting at work while wasting away after the busy week in my trail. Naturally, my mind was wondering and was trying to decide what to make for dinner. It was then that I was made aware of a very interesting, yet fun fact. Today is National Taco Day! So of course we had to have tacos tonight. I personally am a big fan of fish tacos. My friends Deirdre and Dan really know how to create an amazing meal with Dan’s fresh caught fish. I would have loved to recreate their recipe tonight.  However, Nick is not a fan of the creatures from the sea, so we stuck with the plain ole’ tacos. I substituted turkey meat though being that I do not enjoy ground beef. 


My Week of Dinners

This week proved to be a very busy one for me. Three dinner dates, two nights of babysitting, a Dawson’s Creek marathon, and a random pizza night with Quattro. I figured I would take this opportunity to document my week of dinners. 

Nick and I had taken the opportunity to spend the day together. Quality time has proven to be hard to come by lately between our work schedules and various life events. After running a few errands, Nick suggested we go out for dinner. We decided to stick with what we know since it was an impromptu date and set on Chili’s. Naturally, we started with the bottomless chips and salsa. For my main course I enjoyed the Mango Chile Chicken dish. I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a light but delicious meal.