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Photo of the Week – Week 35

After being away for a few weeks, I was really excited to see my baby boy Quattro! I gave him lots of hugs and kisses and then, of course, dressed him up in my Minnie Mouse ears from Disney World. They did not last very long, but I was able to get a quick photo! I mean, how cute is he?


Photo of the Week – Week 34

Towards the end of August I had to spend a few weeks in Florida for business. I figured this would be a good chance to spend a weekend with my friends Amanda and Ryan. However, Mother Nature had other plans for me. There was a threat of a major hurricane, turned tropical storm, turned sprinkle of rain which prevented me from traveling downstate. I was a pretty bummed I was unable to visit, especially since the weather turned out to be just fine.

I did however meet a lovely group of ladies who work for the same company as myself. Since we all ended up staying in the area during our mid weekend, we decided to head to Disney World! We just picked Magic Kingdom as we were only going to spend one day and we figured this was the best park for a day trip. It was a blast! I can’t wait to visit with my ladies again soon as they are all scattered across the country.

IMG_1323 IMG_1333 IMG_1324


Photo of the Week – Week 33

Nick, Quattro, and I have taken several hikes to Plotterkill Falls over the past few years. We thought it would be fun to have Quattro’s friend join us this time…and his owners too of course. The two had a great afternoon running through the stream and swimming around. Anyone who wants an shorter hike with their canine friends should give Plotterkill a try!


Photo of the Week – Week 32

My long time friend, Ashley was having her second baby. Another daughter! I am very excited and happy for all three members of this beautiful family. A friend of Ashley’s was sweet enough to throw her a Sprinkle. Since it has been almost 5 years since her last baby, she thought it would be special for the new baby to have her own celebration. It was a beautiful summer day with all of Ashley’s closest friends and family.

Photo disclaimer: I admit I did not take any of these photos. But I did not want to leave this post without. Ashley posted this the day of the shower to showcase all the great details put into the Sprinkle. 11059627_10100238817322069_4610183848498376287_n

USA Food Tour: Rhode Island


The twins and I decided it would be a nice idea to take our Mom away for her birthday. We toyed around with a few places and decided on Newport, Rhode Island. I had never been to this part of the state, so I was pretty excited to check another destination off of the ole’ bucket list. Not to mention I could cross Rhode Island off of my Food Tour list.

Friday night was pretty much spent driving. We all got a later started than planned and of course didn’t consider Friday night rush hour traffic. My mom and I arrived a few hours before the twins so we decided to just grab dinner and relax at the hotel. (more…)