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Wining and Dining Through Long Island

IMG_1538My girlfriend has a house on the outskirts of Long Island. In years past we’ve spent a weekend every summer relaxing on the beach, eating lots of delicious food, and just enjoying the care free atmosphere. Now it’s been some time since we’ve been able to get together over at the house. We decided to settle on a weekend that would work for the three of us and stuck to it. (more…)

Exploring San Francisco

As I’ve previously posted, my friend Theresa and I made a short trip over to California.Throughout our four day stay, we were able to pack just about everything in that someone traveling through San Francisco would want. We had an early start to our trip and were off exploring upon landing. Our first stop, of course, was the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. I was able to surpass my fear of bridges and we walked across most of it. I’m glad I did because I was able to get a few great shots!



Penna alla Vodka


I feel it has been awhile since my last turn for Girl’s Night. When planning, I had originally wanted to make grilled pizzas. However, the grill is currently indisposed so I had to turn to Plan B. I obtained this recipe from a friend of mine who has told me about this dish several, mouthwatering times. I could not wait to try it myself so I figured this was the perfect occasion. I also feel that I use my Girls as my test subjects for new recipes, my guinea pigs if you will. Thanks ladies! (more…)

USA Food Tour: California

I am delighted that I launched the USA Food Tour series when I did. A little over a week after I started, I had a preplanned trip with my friend Theresa to San Francisco! This worked out perfectly because honestly, how often does one travel to the other side of the country?

IMG_1920 (more…)