July 2014 archive

New and Improved!

For those of you who may remember, it was a goal of mine this year to revamp this here blog. I had been utilizing Google’s Blogger since it’s inception for several reason; it was cheap (free to be exact), easy to use, and had decent templates.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 9.56.58 PM


However, the time has come to move on to bigger and better things. I was limited in some ways and wanted to have a blog that was my very own. So I have officially purchased the domaine name http://www.essentiallyjackie.com (thanks for your help Shane!). I have spent a few weeks playing around with the new site trying to make it as close to perfect as possible before launching. I think I have it as ready as it ever will be. Plus, I think it looks so pretty and I can’t possibly write any more posts without showing you all here!


I hope you enjoy the new and improved Essentially Jackie.

Quattro Goes To Mystic!


Like his Mom, Quattro thoroughly enjoys adventures. Exploring a new place, seeing new things, investigating new smells…it really makes for the perfect day. When it was decided to take a trip down to Mystic, we went back and forth on whether to bring the beast along for the ride. Having him tag along would hold us back just a bit but we decided it would be much better to have him with us for the day. (more…)

Mascarpone Chocolate Toffee Bars


I came across these delectable treats on one of the Giada at Home episodes. While salivating over the TV screen,  I noticed that the ingredients were pretty standard and the recipe was extremely simple. I actually had almost all of the ingredients on hand too! So I decided to give them a try. And let me tell you, they taste as good as they look. Maybe better! (more…)

USA Food Tour: Connecticut


This past Friday was Nick’s birthday. When I had asked him what he wanted to do he had said, “Why don’t we start your USA Food Tour and hit up one of the states?” I thought that was a great idea! I had come up with the idea a few weeks ago so I was eager to get the ball rolling. I mean, I do have 50 states to conquer so time is of the essence, right?

Since it was going to be a day trip we had to narrow the destinations accordingly. We had three options, but settled on Connecticut. Now, one would think that being that the entire southern part of the state borders the Long Island Sound, Connecticut would specialize in some form of seafood. Do not be fooled. Not very far into my research did I realize that pizza was indeed one of the foods that the Constitution State is known for. Silly me should have realized this before I started typing into Google. I mean, we’ve all heard of the 1988 film starring Julia Roberts based around the small town restaurant Mystic Pizza! No? Am I the only one? (more…)

USA Food Tour


I have recently become slightly obsessed with a particular travel blog, Alex in Wanderland. This girl is living the high life. She travels around the globe and writes about all of her experiences while sharing advice with her readers. What makes it even more interesting is that she is from my hometown. This particular blog has become a topic of conversation amongst myself and a few of my friends. Reading about all of her adventures gave me a wonderful idea. Why don’t we travel around the US, exploring each state’s cuisine. You have probably figured out by now that I Love Food. My life essentially revolves around it. Therefore I feel that this is a great way to try new things and see new places.

I have created a list of all 50 states and started compiling research to illustrate all of the different foods known to each region. So stay tuned for my new series of USA Food Tour stops.


Blueberry-Cherry Pie


There is nothing that speaks Summer like pie does. Strawberry rhubarb, raspberry, peach, blueberry, cherry…pretty much any fruit that you can pick up at the farmers market and turn into a delicious dessert. When I wanted to make a tasty treat for the 4th, blueberry and cherry pie jumped out at me. The colors speak for themselves, festiveness in a pie plate. I took it one step further by cutting little stars in the crust. (more…)