USA Food Tour: Connecticut


This past Friday was Nick’s birthday. When I had asked him what he wanted to do he had said, “Why don’t we start your USA Food Tour and hit up one of the states?” I thought that was a great idea! I had come up with the idea a few weeks ago so I was eager to get the ball rolling. I mean, I do have 50 states to conquer so time is of the essence, right?

Since it was going to be a day trip we had to narrow the destinations accordingly. We had three options, but settled on Connecticut. Now, one would think that being that the entire southern part of the state borders the Long Island Sound, Connecticut would specialize in some form of seafood. Do not be fooled. Not very far into my research did I realize that pizza was indeed one of the foods that the Constitution State is known for. Silly me should have realized this before I started typing into Google. I mean, we’ve all heard of the 1988 film starring Julia Roberts based around the small town restaurant Mystic Pizza! No? Am I the only one?


Anyways, off to Mystic, CT we went. The drive was approximately two hours and forty minutes each way. Not a bad road trip if you ask me. We were graced with a beautiful sunny day. As soon as we parked we headed right for the main attraction. Since we had the dog in tow I had Nick find a spot to wait while I ran into the restaurant to get a few slices to go. I figured I would stick with the classic cheese pizza, but also was intrigued by the “slice of the day”. The bacon cheeseburger pizza was topped with ground beef, bacon, pickles, ketchup, and mustard.

IMG_1298 IMG_1292



I must admit, the pizza was pretty good! For the NY style pizza connoisseurs out there, this may not meet your standards. But for pure pizza lovers I think you will be very pleased. Being partial to the crust of a pie, it was crunchy and just greasy enough. The sauce was delicious and there was just enough cheese. So be sure to grab your “Slice of Heaven” if you’re ever in the Mystic area. For those who can’t make the journey, they offer a line of frozen pizzas that are available in many major grocery stores across the country.


Since we did travel almost three hours, we did not want to just eat and run. So we spent the remainder of the afternoon exploring the little town of Mystic. We walked over to the seaport, enjoyed some Ice Cream (of course), and made sure to pick up an ornament as I do at any destination I travel to.IMG_1328 IMG_1325 IMG_1324 IMG_1323 IMG_1321 IMG_1302

All in all it was a very nice start to my USA Food Tour. Connecticut, thanks for kicking this journey off. Your scenery is eye-catching and your pizza is pretty good too.

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