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Photo of the Week – Week 35

After being away for a few weeks, I was really excited to see my baby boy Quattro! I gave him lots of hugs and kisses and then, of course, dressed him up in my Minnie Mouse ears from Disney World. They did not last very long, but I was able to get a quick photo! I mean, how cute is he?


Photo of the Week – Week 33

Nick, Quattro, and I have taken several hikes to Plotterkill Falls over the past few years. We thought it would be fun to have Quattro’s friend join us this time…and his owners too of course. The two had a great afternoon running through the stream and swimming around. Anyone who wants an shorter hike with their canine friends should give Plotterkill a try!


Photo of the Week – Week 23

Nick and I actually had a day off together where there was not a wedding, car event, or family gathering taking place. We decided it would be a good idea to take the beast on a little adventure. There is a State Park not too far from us that has a waterfall towards the middle of the trail. It makes for a great hike, especially since you do not have to drive an hour to get there.

We made it to the waterfall fairly quickly and then ended up taking a different trail than our normal route. This created about an hour and a half hike for us, which was great! Especially after our weekend full of walking around Montreal. The picture below is pretty fun. Quattro was quite curious about the waterfall.


Photo of the Week – Week 11

It’s been a quiet couple of weeks, other than working quite a bit. I am 100% okay with this given the months ahead of me. My two girlfriends’ weddings are right around the corner which means weekends full of bachelorette festivities, showering the brides, and wedding bliss. Not to mention my upcoming trip to Florida where I will knock off another state on my Food Tour list.

Being that I was home a lot, I was able to spend quite a bit of snuggle time with my furry beast. Naturally I took dozens of pictures but this one is probably my favorite. He just looks so sweet and innocent .


Photo of the Week – Week 4

This past week the Northeast got slammed with a few winter storms. Particularly the one that swept through last Sunday hit our area pretty hard. We ended up having a snow day from work, which is unheard of! You can imagine the excitement Quattro had when he saw the mounds of snow outside. After clearing the driveway and sidewalks, I had a quick photoshoot with the beast. It was still snowing so I ended up with a few really cool shots. This one in particular is my favorite.


Photo(s) of the Week – Week 2

One of my favorite things about this time of the year is seeing Quattro having so much fun in the snow. Friends of ours have Skylar the Samoyed. These two arctic breeds really just shine in the wintry weather. To really let the dogs let loose and enjoy the season, we take them to the dog park not too far from our house. It is the best exercise as they can just run as much as they want and play with their fellow canines.

This past weekend we actually had a sunny day; though it was in the teens. There were a handful of larger dogs this week including Quattro and Skylar. I decided to take a few photos because they were just having so much fun. Granted they are iPhone photos, I still think the photos really portray just how happy these four legged friends are. You get a few photos this week friends, I couldn’t decide on which one. The second one cracks me up. You see Skylar in the background just prancing around so happy to have his rope while the other two are chasing after an oversized ice cube.

IMG_0109 (more…)

Quattro Goes To Mystic!


Like his Mom, Quattro thoroughly enjoys adventures. Exploring a new place, seeing new things, investigating new smells…it really makes for the perfect day. When it was decided to take a trip down to Mystic, we went back and forth on whether to bring the beast along for the ride. Having him tag along would hold us back just a bit but we decided it would be much better to have him with us for the day. (more…)

Quattro’s on Instagram!

I have become an avid Instagram user. I follow my friends and various celebrity chefs who all provide beautiful and sometimes mouthwatering posts. I must admit though, most of my favorite photos are those of my canine friends. There are quite a few posts out there devoted entirely to the furry little cuties. It was after some time of viewing them that a light bulb went off; Quattro should have an Instagram page! A place where his fans can view pictures of his oh-so-handsome face daily. It would also be a perfect “album” of sorts for my own personal use.


Quattro Meets Kato

It is strange how social media can connect people in so many different ways. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…they are all a part of our every day lives and can bring you in contact with the most coincidental situations. We had a pretty crazy experience this past year that brought together Quattro and his brother. 


Happy Birthday Quattro!

If a stranger were to walk up to our dog, I am pretty certain they would not realize he is just one year old. The day we picked him up at 8 weeks old he was smaller than my parents 12 pound Bichon. Today on his first birthday, he is pushing 75+. Now I must confess I am writing this post from Bradenton, FL. Therefore I will not be spending my babies first birthday with him. As any mother would be, I am quite distraught about this. Luckily he is with my parents for the week, so he will get the attention and love that he needs! 

It is hard to believe how fast the past year went, and even more crazy is how fast he grew! He went through the stages of growth like any kid does. Quattro started out as a cute little puppy, went through his awkward teenage stage where his ears were way to big for his head, and has now rounded out the year as a very handsome young man. Some of you may be laughing at my comparisons to a human, but any true dog lover will understand where I am coming from.
I am wishing our boy a very happy birthday! I hope he gets a few extra treats and a spin around the yard with his best friend Buddy the Bichon. When we return from vacation, I will be sure to shower him with love and kisses…and maybe even a birthday cake just for him. 

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