Quattro’s on Instagram!

I have become an avid Instagram user. I follow my friends and various celebrity chefs who all provide beautiful and sometimes mouthwatering posts. I must admit though, most of my favorite photos are those of my canine friends. There are quite a few posts out there devoted entirely to the furry little cuties. It was after some time of viewing them that a light bulb went off; Quattro should have an Instagram page! A place where his fans can view pictures of his oh-so-handsome face daily. It would also be a perfect “album” of sorts for my own personal use.

After only a week in the Instagram world, Quattro and I have already been featured on a page that posts various pictures from around the globe. Pretty exciting! Not to mention a great way to gain more followers.

Feel free to follow Quattro’s new page where you will find several handsome and sometimes silly pictures of our furry little beast. Just search for the user name @smilingmalamute. Pretty fitting don’t you think? 

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