My Week of Dinners

This last week was extremely hectic. I had one obligation or another every single night. This in turn made for a great week to document my week of dinners.

Monday was the monthly dinner date with Joyce, Jamie, and Sabrina. We had originally planned to go to a different restaurant. However, the day turned out to be absolutely gorgeous. After a week of rain we all agreed it would be great to sit outside. So we switched to another restaurant in Saratoga Springs that has great outside seating. This worked out well too because I had been meaning to try Druthers since they opened. Everything was delicious. From the beer, to the pretzels, to my chicken burger. Everyone was satisfied to the last bite. The company was great as well, but that goes without saying.

Tuesday I attended my cousins 8th grade graduation ceremony. For dinner I just scarfed down some leftover sausage and tomato pizza that I had ordered Sunday night. The pizza was just as good the second time around.

Wednesday was Girl’s Night at Deirdre’s house. We had another beautiful evening so Deirdre set up the table outside on her back deck. The view from her backyard is gorgeous, especially when the sun is setting. The meal was great as well. She prepared salmon with fruit salsa, asparagus with feta and lemon, and couscous with tomato and feta. Everything was so light and delicious; a perfect summertime meal.

Thursday I had a soccer game early. I didn’t feel like cooking after the game so I finished off the left over baked ziti from the weekend.

Friday I spent the evening with Nick and his family. A few of them had come up from out of town and his gramma had everyone over for pizza and wings. I didn’t get a picture of it but I would say it’s pretty self explanatory.

Saturday was the Bridesmaids extravaganza. The six of us didn’t have a meal per say, but instead we all contributed something to be shared. I made grilled pizzas, one of which was vegan friendly! We also enjoyed hummus and fresh pita, cowboy caviar, cheese and crackers, and Utica greens. Plus, lots and lots of wine.

Sunday was spent doing laundry and playing catch up since I was out of time the day before. After enjoying a few hours in the sun, I decided to just order a broccoli and ricotta pizza and tossed salad for Nick and I to enjoy. Something quick and easy after the crazy week.

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