Bridesmaids Revisited

A few months ago Sarah, Theresa, and I decided we were overdue for a get together. The last time the three of us had seen each other was for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities. So we settled on a weekend in June that worked for all of us. Sarah and I set out Saturday morning to spend the day together. 

We knew going in that it was going to be a wedding filled weekend. Theresa wanted to show us the church where she will be married next year, as well as the venue where the reception will be. Then we were going to meet some of her friends from home. Little did we know, Theresa had an exciting surprise in store. After we arrived at the house, the three of us sat down to chat and catch up before meeting up with the others. Right away Theresa jumped into a story which ended up with her asking Sarah and I to be two of her bridesmaids! She even wrote out these really sweet letters, personalized to each of us, telling us why she wants us to be apart of her special day. Of course, we said Yes! 

Once we got over our initial excitement, we set off to meet the rest of the girls and Theresa’s mom at the church. This church was amazing. We were all in awe of the beautiful windows, carvings, and sheer size of the building. We then headed off to the venue which is located on a golf course. The views from the banquet room are breathtaking. Floor to ceiling windows open up to the rolling greens. We met with the event planner to go over a few ideas Theresa had since she wanted some other opinions from her girls. 

After enjoying a lunch out at a local deli and making a quick stop at the grocery store, we headed back to the house for a night of good wine, delicious foods, and lots of laughs. Theresa had organized ahead of time for everyone to bring a bottle of wine and a treat to share. Everything was delicious. Sarah made cowboy caviar with Tostitos, Heather ordered authentic Utica greens from a local restaurant, Fran prepared a cheese and cracker platter, Cait brought fresh hummus and pita bread, and I made grilled pizzas. Theresa also made delicious, but healthy rice cake snacks for dessert.

The rest of the night was spent creating invitations for famous celebrities to attend Theresa’s wedding, playing a ridiculous but hilarious round of Cards Against Humanities and Game of Things, and ending the evening with a showing of 27 Dresses. 

It was a great first weekend to get to know all of the girls in the wedding party. We all hit it off really well and I know we have lots more fun and exciting times to come. 


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