September 2013 archive

My Week of Dinners

This week proved to be a very busy one for me. Three dinner dates, two nights of babysitting, a Dawson’s Creek marathon, and a random pizza night with Quattro. I figured I would take this opportunity to document my week of dinners. 

Nick and I had taken the opportunity to spend the day together. Quality time has proven to be hard to come by lately between our work schedules and various life events. After running a few errands, Nick suggested we go out for dinner. We decided to stick with what we know since it was an impromptu date and set on Chili’s. Naturally, we started with the bottomless chips and salsa. For my main course I enjoyed the Mango Chile Chicken dish. I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a light but delicious meal. 


Pear & Gorgonzola Flat Bread

I have made this flat bread a few times. Most recently was with my LM ladies, Theresa and Sarah. We had just finished a full day hike up in the Adirondack’s and we were famished. So we decided to make this and another flat bread. Something a little lighter, but still delicious. This particular flat bread was a big hit. (more…)

Meet Quattro

Anyone who knows me, whether having met me five minutes ago or has known me my whole life, is aware of my love for dogs. I love dogs of all shapes and sizes. They are man’s best friend. Someone to come home to who is so excited to see you no matter what kind of day they have had. Someone who depends on you and is loyal to you. The relationship an owner and a dog has is unlike any other. So, because of all that I have always wanted a dog of my very own. Not one to share with my siblings or parents. A dog that I can say is mine just as I am his.  (more…)

Pistachio Cupcakes

Last October I was asked to make cupcakes for my childhood friend’s wedding. The couple asked that I mix up the flavors for the 100 plus cupcakes I was to make  under one condition…I must make a pistachio cupcake! You see, the groom LOVES pistachios. Not just the nut in a shell either. He loves the ice cream, the muffin, the pudding…really anything you can flavor with pistachios. At the time, I had never made a pistachio cupcake but I am always up for a new recipe. So I did as any normal amateur baker would do, I turned to my Pinterest friends. After looking at dozens of recipes I was able to come up with one that I thought would work best. 

(Not so) coincidentally, Nick was the photographer for this very same wedding. A baker and photographer under one roof. Not too bad huh?  Anyways, since I was also a guest at the wedding Nick had asked his brother to help by being the second shooter. This is where Matt (the brother) experienced his very first pistachio cupcake. It was love at first bite. For months he talked about this cupcake and how he couldn’t wait for his birthday so that I could make him his very own batch. Well, his birthday had come and gone and I still had yet to make Matt his cupcakes. In my defense he was out of town the week of his birthday so I just never got around to doing it. But enough is enough right? Tonight I decided to fulfill his wishes and make a batch of pistachio cupcakes.  (Mostly to get him to stop bugging me about it!!)

I hope you enjoy them as much as he does!  (more…)

We’ve Got Magic to Do

(View from the backyard after burning some of the demo materials)

As I previously stated, Nick and I purchased our first home just over a year ago. We had been toying around with the idea, but had decided that we should wait to save up for a more significant down payment. However, we then found this house. Nick pretty much wanted the property for its garage. Being that he owns 3 (now 4!) cars himself, it was suitable for him to have a fairly new, 4 car garage that is pretty much the same square footage as the home. Seems reasonable right? Sure, why not. Anyways, the exterior of the home was in pretty good shape. New siding, new roof, etc. etc. Then you walk inside the house and this is where the fun begins! We were immediately welcomed by the sweet aroma of stale cigarette smoke. Then, behold a house that has not been updated since the 1970’s. I’m sure you can picture it…shag carpet, wood paneling, styrofoam beams painted to look like wood…it was a beaut! But, Nick just wanted that garage! So we accepted the challenge. We figured we could update the interior with our skills (or lack there of) and make this house our home. 

Demolition began almost immediately. We could not wait to tear up the carpets, the flooring…the walls. We demoed the entire kitchen and bathroom straight down to the studs. Low and behold, the wiring had also not been updated, probably since the house was built. Plumbing needed updating. Cha Ching! Cha Ching! Cha Ching! I felt like I was on the show on HGTV Love It or List It. Every single time they work with a family, Hilary always seems to come across some disaster that would take away from the families original budget. Anyways, this did not get our spirits down. Luckily, between Nick’s technical skills and the help of family and friends we were able to get things done.  (more…)

Cara’s Bridal Shower

Today I co-hosted a bridal shower for my very dear friend Cara.  Cara, Liz, and I have all been friends since high school. I have been so happy and honored to be apart of this special time in her life. This shower was the second of two bridal showers. The first was held in downstate NY for the grooms family and friends. Though today’s shower was a bit smaller, I am pleased to say it turned out quite well! 

We kept the decor very simple, but charming. The center pieces consisted of a charger plate, mason jar with wild flowers, tea lights, and pictures of the bride and groom throughout the past five years of their relationship. We were able to get all of the pieces fairly inexpensively. The Christmas Tree Shop sells all of the items at half the cost you would normally pay. The flowers we were able to purchase in bulk at the local farmers market for a fraction of the price at a florist. The MOH also came across a pretty heart-shaped wreath that we decorated with some of the flowers. We used this for the back of the brides chair as a small, inexpensive touch. 



A wise young woman once told me that every person should have a blog of sorts at some point in their 20’s. Being that I am well into my upper 20’s, I figured I better get a move on. So here we go…

I reside in upstate NY. A little over a year ago, my babes and I bought a house and renovated the entire thing floor to ceiling (more on that to come later). Outside of fixing up the house and my day job I mostly tend to our beast of a dog, Quattro. I play soccer once a week, bake and cook often, and travel whenever time and money allows me to. 

Essentially Jackie is just as it sounds. I will delve into my every day life as a home owner, “mother” to an Alaskan Malamute, baker extraordinaire (well maybe that’s a bit of a reach), and will share with you any helpful tips and tricks I have on travel and entertaining. 

I hope you enjoy!