My Week of Dinners

This week proved to be a very busy one for me. Three dinner dates, two nights of babysitting, a Dawson’s Creek marathon, and a random pizza night with Quattro. I figured I would take this opportunity to document my week of dinners. 

Nick and I had taken the opportunity to spend the day together. Quality time has proven to be hard to come by lately between our work schedules and various life events. After running a few errands, Nick suggested we go out for dinner. We decided to stick with what we know since it was an impromptu date and set on Chili’s. Naturally, we started with the bottomless chips and salsa. For my main course I enjoyed the Mango Chile Chicken dish. I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a light but delicious meal. 

It had been quite some time since I enjoyed the company of these two ladies. We were coworkers at my previous place of employment, though we’ve kept in touch over the past year and a half. Liz had been craving sushi so we settled on her and Caitlin’s favorite spot. Caitlin ordered four different rolls for us to share. They were all delicious. We ended the meal with a piece of green tea cheesecake for three. 
Since I was able to enjoy two nights out in a row, I figured I should settle on something a little lighter and full of greens. I prepared a salad full of vegetables and topped it with a baked piece of chicken.
Sabrina, Jamie, Joyce and I try to have a night out together every month or so. We like to pick restaurants with different cuisines each time. This month we tried German. There is a mom and pop restaurant in the area we decided to try. I don’t really think my choice was particularly German, but it was good either way. I had a center cut pork chop with an apple glaze accompanied by a twice baked potato.
Another night in after eating out. I chose to make a chicken wrap with lettuce, cheddar cheese, and ranch dressing in a habanero tortilla with some carrot sticks on the side. 
With Nick being out of town for a car show, Friday was my night in with Quattro. I decide to make an old favorite recipe of mine. A pear, caramelized onion, and gorgonzola flat bread. You can find the recipe here on the blog. 
My cousin Laura and I were huge fans of Dawson’s Creek back when it still aired on TV. Saturday was a night for us to hang out, catch up, and enjoy one of our favorite teen soaps. We did order take out but I thought this was much better to share. Laura brought the cake. It was a vanilla cake with peanut butter frosting topped with crushed up Reese’s Pieces. She even decorated it with our initials, JAG and LOB. It…was…delicious! Perfect way to round out my week of delicious meals! 

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