National Taco Day

Just your typical Friday afternoon. Sitting at work while wasting away after the busy week in my trail. Naturally, my mind was wondering and was trying to decide what to make for dinner. It was then that I was made aware of a very interesting, yet fun fact. Today is National Taco Day! So of course we had to have tacos tonight. I personally am a big fan of fish tacos. My friends Deirdre and Dan really know how to create an amazing meal with Dan’s fresh caught fish. I would have loved to recreate their recipe tonight.  However, Nick is not a fan of the creatures from the sea, so we stuck with the plain ole’ tacos. I substituted turkey meat though being that I do not enjoy ground beef. 

Below are a few fun facts about this momentous holiday and the history of the beloved taco according to the National Taco Day website. 

1. Though the history of the taco is unknown, some anthropologists claim that there is evidence suggesting the people of the lake region of the Valley of Mexico ate fish tacos. This dates back to the 16th Century. 

2. The hard shell taco was first documented in a cookbook by Fabiola Cabeza de Vaca Gilbert in 1949.

3. The word taco is synonymous with the English word sandwich.

4. Taco Bell, founded in 1962 in California, is believed to be responsible for the increase in popularity of Mexican food.

5. In 2012 4.5 billion tacos were eaten by Americans. 

I hope you all were able to enjoy these scrumptious little “sandwiches” today as well in one way, shape, or form! Also, for those who are interested, today is also National Vodka Day. Seems like a really great combination of flavors to me….?

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  1. Deirdre
    October 9, 2013 at 3:26 pm (10 years ago)

    ohh i will have to make fish tacos again soon!


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