Quattro Goes To Mystic!


Like his Mom, Quattro thoroughly enjoys adventures. Exploring a new place, seeing new things, investigating new smells…it really makes for the perfect day. When it was decided to take a trip down to Mystic,¬†we went back and forth on whether to bring the beast along for the ride. Having him tag along would hold us back just a bit but we decided it would be much better to have him with us for the day.



We walked through the charming town of Mystic, Quattro leading the pack. Along the route we noticed a small beach area which looked perfect for a cooling off spot for the dog. If you don’t know already, this malamute loves the water. He will swim all day if you would let him. This was also his first time in salt water. You could tell he was a little confused when he decided to have a little taste.


He loved the water so much, he really did not want to get out! I can’t say that I blame him though.



I think Quattro thoroughly enjoyed his trip to Mystic. He spent the day with two of his favorite humans, enjoyed the crust of some Mystic Pizza, and took a dip in the Long Island Sound. Perhaps he’ll head off to some of the other destinations along the USA Food Tour.

IMG_1331 IMG_1333

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