Happy Birthday Quattro!

If a stranger were to walk up to our dog, I am pretty certain they would not realize he is just one year old. The day we picked him up at 8 weeks old he was smaller than my parents 12 pound Bichon. Today on his first birthday, he is pushing 75+. Now I must confess I am writing this post from Bradenton, FL. Therefore I will not be spending my babies first birthday with him. As any mother would be, I am quite distraught about this. Luckily he is with my parents for the week, so he will get the attention and love that he needs! 

It is hard to believe how fast the past year went, and even more crazy is how fast he grew! He went through the stages of growth like any kid does. Quattro started out as a cute little puppy, went through his awkward teenage stage where his ears were way to big for his head, and has now rounded out the year as a very handsome young man. Some of you may be laughing at my comparisons to a human, but any true dog lover will understand where I am coming from.
I am wishing our boy a very happy birthday! I hope he gets a few extra treats and a spin around the yard with his best friend Buddy the Bichon. When we return from vacation, I will be sure to shower him with love and kisses…and maybe even a birthday cake just for him. 

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