A Sisterly Weekend

About a week ago the twins and I were discussing our Memorial Day Weekend plans. All three of us were shocked that this long weekend had come upon us so quickly. Melissa and I quickly realized we had zero plans and decided it would be a great idea to spend it together. She drove in Friday night which worked out perfectly, allowing us to really spend all of Saturday together. 

After enjoying a stack of blueberry pancakes and doing a few chores around the house, we hit the fairways and played a short round of golf. The weather was shotty looking however during our time out the sun kept on shining. It wasn’t until we finished our last hole that the rain started to come down. 

We decided to pay a quick visit to our girlfriend Maeve’s house to visit with her and the family. A nice added bonus, another family was just arriving at the house so we were able to see the whole gang and enjoy a pint. We then headed home for a quick shower to get ready for our night ahead. 

I had spoken with our Aunt Shelagh earlier in the week about having dinner with her and the family. Melissa and I brought a nice cheese plate to enjoy with Shelagh’s homemade sangria (which was delicious!). For dinner, we had an array of dishes to enjoy: grilled chicken, corn, sautéed squash, oven roasted potatoes, wedge salad…and I’m probably forgetting something. But every last bite was delicious, as always! Now, I really need to embellish on the dessert that Shea prepared. Fried ice-cream cake. Intrigued aren’t you? I was too. This was essentially layers of cinnamon and sugar crunchy topping, vanilla ice cream, cool whip, and then drizzled with honey. It tasted just like fried ice cream you would order at a restaurant. So, so, so good! I will definitely be recreating this delectable dessert. 


After our bellies were full from food and laughter, because we always have a good laugh with that family, Melissa and I headed out on the town with our friends. I had reached out to a few groups of people to try and gather a flock of friends for a night out. We ended up with a really great crowd! The night was spent with good drinks and lots and lots of dancing. A perfect Saturday. 

Sunday we allowed ourselves to sleep in a bit after our late night. We had a few errands to run then stopped for a very much needed bagel. Then we hit to road north to our parents’ camp in the Adirondacks. It was a beautiful, peaceful drive. 

I was very happy to spend the weekend with Melissa. We were able to do a lot and see a lot of people in just a short amount of time. I can’t wait for the next weekend together, perhaps this time in Philly! 

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