Home Improvement

developing_home_improvement_prioritiesNovember has snuck up on us. With that, the holiday season is right around the corner. This is traditionally a time for people to revamp their homes and complete those home improvement projects that have been dragging on for months. We are no acceptation to this rule. There are a few projects I would like to have completed before the calendar gets packed full of out of town guests, parties, and Christmas shopping.

When we completed the original remodel, the upstairs half bathroom was put on the back burner. There were too many other projects that needed the time and money, so we figured in time it would be completed. Well now two and a half years have gone by and that bathroom has yet to be functional. I decided that I wanted to complete this project before Thanksgiving and the holidays kick into high gear. I host a variety of parties and dinners at the house and it would be ideal to have the spare bathroom.

Our bedroom was cleaned up and painted prior to moving in. New carpet was installed, along with a new ceiling fan. The rest of the decor and bedding I had in my previous apartment. These have started to get the normal wear and tear so I decided that I wanted to spruce it up. I started collecting various items, bedding, new curtains, and various other items to make the bedroom more fresh.

Along with a few other smaller projects, they all should be complete within the next few weeks. Stay tuned for the updates and transformations!

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