My Week of Dinners

Another busy week behind me. I enjoyed a few dinners out, some home cooked meals, and some delicious treats as well.


I believe I have mentioned before how my mom and I like to see various shows and enjoy a nice dinner out together. Typically I have bought tickets to some show for a gift. This time though my mom bought them just for fun. We saw Sister Act the musical. It was very good! Entertaining, funny, and all of the actors had great voices. After the show we decided to try an Irish pub near the theatre to get ourselves into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit! I enjoyed a pastrami-corned beef sandwich. It was very similar to a Reuben, though it had pastrami and Cole slaw. Tasty!

I decided to make a crock pot meal since Nick had to work Monday night and I had to go out of town for a work meeting. Turkey Chili is one if my favorite crock pot meals. Enjoy a nice hot bowl with a buttery piece of corn bread (or 3) and you’re good to go! Find the recipe here


I arrived home from the business trip just after Nick left for work. So for dinner I enjoyed leftovers: a stuffed pork chop, carrots, and of course apple sauce. After that, Quattro and I snuggled on the couch and enjoyed a few of our recorded TV shows. 


This marked my monthly dinner date with Joyce, Jamie, and Sabrina. This date was extra special as we were celebrating Jamie’s birthday! We let her decide on the restaurant and she chose a Japanese location half way between all of us. We had been here before for hibachi but this time we sat at a table for sushi and cocktails. 
I feel that every time I plan on this post I end up hanging out with my little girlfriend Maeve. She and I spent the night playing old boardgames and watching The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle movie. Maeve had eaten before I arrived so I had a small meal of leftover chicken curry and rice. 


I had asked a few of my friends to meet out for drinks and snacks Friday evening. Since it was so last minute, only a few could make it. The bar was packed so we decided to grab a table and ended up having a lovely impromptu meal. I enjoyed these amazing risotto fritters and a flat bread with mozzarella, shaved Brussels sprouts and pancetta. For dessert I had a beautifully displayed “Snickers” martini.


I worked a full days shift at the bar on Saturday. I ended up having a late lunch that was pretty filling. Sabrina came down to visit for a few hours and brought us each our own pints of ice cream. Yes, I had half a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream for dinner. And it was delicious. 


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