27th Year: The Year of Me

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This week I celebrated my 27th birthday. Most people my age always complain about how “they are so old!” I am not one of those people. This statement actually drives me crazy. We are just starting our lives people! This is the time for us to start our careers, our families, and do things we’ve always wanted to do. Don’t age yourself and give up already. 

Sticking with that statement, I have decided that my 27th year will be a year all about me. Last year and years in the past I have not focused so much on myself. There have been more important things in life that I have needed to focus my energy and attention on. However, now I can work on myself. 

I. Fitness and Health
This past September my company released a program for a small percentage of it’s employees. Luckily my sister, who also works for the company, noticed this and we were able to get in as two of these people. The program was titled The Billion Step Challenge. They issued FitBits to each of the employees who qualified. The purpose of the program was to reach one billion steps as a group in 90 days. This encouraged me to keep track of my activity and health. I wanted to be sure to complete an average of 12,000 steps a day to reach my personal goal of one million steps in those 90 days. I also decided to be more in tune with my meals and calorie intake. I had been using the MyFitnessPal app for quite some time, but I was not as strict as I should be. This program gave me more motivation to do so. Between my increase of activity and creating a more balanced diet for myself I was able to loose over 15 pounds in those 90 days. 

Going into this year I want to continue with my new lifestyle. My goal is to continue with my balanced diet and activity. I want to incorporate strength training for toning, as well as, yoga for posture and flexibility. I am the healthiest I have been in a long time and I want to continue onward into my adulthood. 

II.  Blog
I started this blog just over three months ago. I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts and ideas with all of you. My goal for the next year is to build my network. I want to revamp the website esthetically and continue posting fun and exciting ideas. This project has been a great hobby for me. It has been a way for me to document my life for not only my followers, but also for myself. I find myself from time to time looking back on older posts. It is a fun way to reminisce on things I’ve done and created. 

III. Well-Being 
To sort of tie this all together, I want to improve upon my overall well-being. Webster’s dictionary defines this as a state of feeling happy, healthy, or prosperous. We have already discussed the health aspects. I will also focus on the things that make me most happy. This can be done by surrounding myself with those who support me, care for me, and most of all, make me laugh! I want to try new foods, participate in new activities, and visit new places. Overall, I want to do those things that are best for me. 


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