New Year’s Eve!

When we FINALLY moved into the house, one of the first things I had said to Nick was, “We are hosting the New Year’s Eve party this year!” Nick and his brother used to host the party at their house every year. Just as I used to host the party at my house before Nick and I met. So it was nothing but fitting for the two of us to have a party with both of our friends. 

I kept the decorations very simple. The house was still decorated for Christmas which left a festive flare. I purchased a NYE party kit and displayed the hats, tiaras, and horns around the house. I set up a little bar area and placed snacks throughout each room. After lighting a few candles and turning on the fun “disco” under cabinet lighting we were ready for a party! 

To keep it a little easier on myself, I had everyone bring snacks and drinks to share. This actually left us with lots of meatballs, chips, and cookies the next day. But everything was very delicious! The evening was spent with good friends, good music, and lots of dancing! I would not want to ring in 2014 any other way!

My girls and I had a bit of a photo shoot as well. Our photographer really got some good shots.

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