2017 – I’m Back!


Okay, so it has been over a year since I last posted on this here blog of mine. I didn’t even finish my “Photo of the Week” series, leaving off at Week 35 for crying out loud. I really have no good excuse either. A few things got in the way of having the time to write; a new job, lack of continuously good content to indulge you in, and mostly very little free time. However, with some exciting things coming up this year, I figured I should start back up again! Sort of a New Year resolution if you will. In the meantime, let’s see how 2016 shaped up…

  1. Leena Joins Our Family!
    Nick and I had been toying around with the idea of getting Quattro a baby sister. We thought it may be good for him to have a playmate during the day while we’re at work. After reaching out to the breeder where Quattro came from, they had quickly responded saying that his parents were no longer breeding and their last litter was all claimed for. With a stroke of luck though, one of the families backed out last minute. The breeder reached out to us to give us the first opportunity as the puppy was exactly what we wanted. Female, Seal Coat, and Quattro’s same parents so it would be his actual sister! Meet Leena, our (now 8 month old) Alaskan Malamute pup!
  2. Trip to Florida
    I took my yearly trip to down to Florida to visit my lovely friends. However, this time Nick joined in on the fun! We spent the weekend enjoying good food, sunshine, and lots of laughs. I can’t wait for the next trip! Stay tuned…
  3. Family Weekend Getaway
    Per tradition, Nick and I wanted to close out the Summer months with a weekend getaway. Since we now had two pups to worry about, one of whom was still potty training, we decided to take a weekend away with dogs in tow. We settled on renting a cabin in the woods in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It was a lovely weekend with some great scenery.
  4. Anniversary Trip to Toronto 
    Instead of buying each other gifts, the past few years Nick and I have taken a little getaway to celebrate our anniversary. While purusing the internet one night, we noted that one of our favorite groups Above & Beyond was scheduled to perform their acoustic album in Toronto, a place neither of us have been. So we booked a weekend to enjoy a few days away and were awarded with an amazing concert.
  5. Quick Trip to Philly
    This past fall we took an overnight trip to Philadelphia to hang out with the twins and see Two Door Cinema Club at the  Fillmore. Even though it was a quick trip, we still had a great time visiting with the Twins & Co.

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