Photo of the Week – Week 13

As I previously posted, I hosted Easter brunch with the family at mine and Nick’s house. While discussing with the twins what the menu should look like they requested these adorable festive Cinnamon Buns. Originally I did not have them on the menu as it was just another task for me to complete. However, my mom happened to have two tubes of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls so I really could not pass up the opportunity. Besides, who doesn’t like a freshly baked cinnamon roll?

As the instructions show in the link above, you will need two cinnamon rolls per bunny head. Place one roll on the baking sheet. Unravel or break the second roll so it forms a long rope. Wrap the rope around to form the ears and press against the first roll. I used raisins for my eyes and sliced almonds for the teeth. After the buns were baked, I frosted the ears with the provided icing. They really came out so cute and everyone really enjoyed them for both their festiveness and delicious taste.


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