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Photo(s) of the Week – Week 28

As I have previously mentioned, our vacation this year was centered around Nick’s cousin’s wedding. The ceremony was held in Estes Park, which is a part of Rocky Mountain National Park. The name alone just paints a beautiful picture in your heard. It was a gorgeous ceremony with an amazing mountainous backdrop. Jessica and Tony’s theme was elegant, yet rustic so this venue was the perfect location for their big day.

The reception was just a few steps away in a 1920’s log cabin turned Steak House. The food was delicious! The interior was a perfect setting, needing very little decor to keep up with the theme. Everyone had a great time, especially since the DJ was none other than their Uncle Tom!


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Photo of the Week – Week 21

Since the day Keith proposed, I could not wait to celebrate the union between two of my best friends. I knew it was going to be a beautiful and special day. I, however, did not expect to be so emotional! Every moment shared between Dianna and Keith you would find me crying, tears of joy of course. The ceremony was elegant and intimate, the reception was stunning but also a blast! It was an amazing weekend that I will remember for years and years to come.

Again, I could not pick just one photo from this wedding weekend. So I have included a few of my personal favorites. From the rehearsal dinner, getting dolled up at Dianna’s parents house, to the reception. I am so happy to have been a part of their wedding day. Thank you for letting me share it with you both!

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Photo of the Week – Week 18

To celebrate Theresa’s upcoming wedding, the Bridal Party and Co. organized a killer weekend in Atlantic City. We were quickly approaching the Big Day and knew this was the best way to send Theresa off into married life. Now, there will be a much more detailed post to follow with many more photos and stories. However, I felt I should kick it off with one of my favorite pictures of the weekend; our group at Harrah’s Pool After Dark


Theresa’s Bridal Shower


I can not believe how quickly time has passed since my two friends became engaged last January and they asked me to be a part of their Big Day. April kicked off my two months of wedding festivities.

Theresa’s Mom and future Mother-in-law hosted a bridal shower at a delicious Italian restaurant in New Hartford. With the help of myself and the bridesmaids, I think we did a beautiful job. (more…)

Taking Over NYC, Bachelorette Style

After Dianna and Keith were engaged, it seemed like almost immediately we were discussing what to do for her bachelorette celebrations. She decided fairly quickly that she wanted a weekend trip to New York City with her ladies.

Now of course we wanted to really live it up, it was Dianna’s one and only Bachelorette party after all! There would be about nine of us ladies planned to be staying overnight. The rest of Dianna’s college friends already live downstate. We settled on the Marriott Marquis for our accommodations. It is located in the heart of Time Square and a perfect central location for all of our planned activities. This hotel also evokes nostalgia for Dianna and her family.

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Photo of the Week – Week 15

Last week was a very hectic week, personally. There were a lot of previously planned events but we were hit with quite a few unexpected as well. So, I have a lot of catching up to do on this here blog. I am currently sitting in the airport waiting to board my flight to South Florida to visit my darling Amanda. No time like the present to do some updates.

Last weekend we celebrated Dianna’s upcoming wedding with a bachelorette party in New York City. We really went all out; a true experience in the big city. There will be a much longer and more detailed post to follow but for now I give you a little teaser photo. To start our weekend off, we rented bicycles and enjoyed a three-hour ride through Central Park. Spring is finally peaking through so we stopped at a very picturesque spot for a photo op with the bridal party.


A Little Wine Making & Tasting


I have previously mentioned that one of my good friends, Theresa, is marrying her sweetheart. The Big Day is quickly approaching with lots to do in between. Theresa and Matt decided that they wanted to make their own wine for their wedding favors. The most difficult part of this idea though was deciding exactly which wine to make. To solve this, Theresa came up with the great idea of a wine tasting afternoon!

Somehow she was able to corale the entire bridal party (minus one groomsman), parents on both sides, and a few signicant others for the same afternoon. This includes one of the groomsman who flew all the way from California to be apart of the festivities! Props to Adam! In total we had a group of about 20 people. (more…)