Theresa’s Bridal Shower


I can not believe how quickly time has passed since my two friends became engaged last January and they asked me to be a part of their Big Day. April kicked off my two months of wedding festivities.

Theresa’s Mom and future Mother-in-law hosted a bridal shower at a delicious Italian restaurant in New Hartford. With the help of myself and the bridesmaids, I think we did a beautiful job.

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Theresa loves shower games and activities, so as a group we came up with a few to keep the guests entertained. To start, we had each lady fill out a card noting their favorite memory with the guest-of-honor. These cards were then placed in a book for Theresa to read through and treasure for years to come.


A very crafty game that bridesmaid Cait came up with was Ring Toss. She painted wine bottles and created a simple yet “Tuscany Themed” set up for the classic carnival game. It proved to be a little difficult but we did end up with a tie breaker toss!

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The most competitive of the games was the Bouquet “Hot Potato”, Theresa’s favorite. All of the ladies got in a circle and passed a bouquet while the Maid of Honor, Heather, started and stopped music. This game kept going until there was one lady standing! It got pretty competitive.


A few of the other games consisted of “Guess Her Age” where different pictures of Theresa at all different ages were placed on a poster board. The lady who paired the most photos with age won. There was also a large, pretty obnoxious ring placed in one of the cupcakes. Whoever picked that cupcake also won a prize.

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The last, probably most interactive and fun game was “Dress the Bridesmaid”. Each bridesmaid was paired with a group of ladies. The teams were given a bag with various supplies to turn their bridesmaid into a bride! I must say my team was pretty creative! I had everything from a sweetheart neckline, to an elaborate headpiece, to a side leg-slit. Theresa was the final judge voting Fran’s team the winner!

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It was a great day to celebrate Theresa’s upcoming marriage. The event also allowed me, and I’m sure most of the other bridal party to get to know some of the other wedding guests. Up next, the Bachelorette party in Atlantic City this weekend. Stay tuned for a recap on this soon-to-be crazy weekend!

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