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Photo of the Week – Week 25

My darling friend Hannah is expecting her first child in about a month. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of this little lady. So when Hannah and her sister asked me to make the cake for her baby shower, I immediately said yes. This is a very special time in one of my best friend’s life and I was more than happy to be a part of it.

Even though she is having a little girl, Hannah wanted to steer away from the traditional pink. She has decided to decorate the nursery with sunflowers, so the shower was appropriately centered around this theme. We went back and forth with ideas for the cake but settled on what I think turned out really cute. The cake itself was lemon with fresh blueberries and a buttercream frosting. It was quite delicious if I do say so myself.


Photo of the Week – Week 14

One of my closest girlfriends is having her first baby. I’m pretty excited to become another “Auntie”, not to mention the fact that Miss Hannah and her soon-to-be family of three have moved back to the area. She decided to have a Gender Reveal party with her closest family and friends and asked yours truly to do the honors of baking the cupcakes.

To make a little game out of it, I baked a dozen vanilla cupcakes with blue and pink swirled frosting. One cupcake had the gender appropriate color in the center. This way when everyone broke into their cupcakes, only one person held the special one that would reveal the baby’s gender. I thought this was a really fun and special way to announce. I must say it pretty hard being the only one who knew what Hannah and Craig were going to have. Quattro and I discussed it at length several times, you know, because he’s such a good secret keeper.

Oh, and if you must know, they are having a Baby Girl!