USA Food Tour: Colorado

IMG_0672I was very excited to learn that Nick and I would have a great excuse to travel to Colorado again. We had a wonderful time on our last visit a few years ago. However, due to the weather and wild fires, we were unable to see all of the sights we had intended on seeing. Not to mention, I was able to cross one more state off of my USA Food Tour List. When we found out his cousin Jessica was to be married in mid-July, we quickly planned our trip.

While conducting my research I learned that Colorado was known for a few different dishes. Wild game for one, but I was going to pass on that given the fact that I am not a huge fan. Boulder, CO is also home to Celestial Seasonings, a pretty popular tea company. I settled on Chili Verde which is quite perfect as Mexican is one of my favorite cuisines. Made from green tomatillos and simmered in pork shoulder broth, this sauce can be enjoyed a few different ways. When we arrived at Jose’s in Colorado Springs I decided to go with the chimichanga slathered in chili verde. Other than the size and being completely stuffed after finishing my last bite, I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner.

IMG_4437 IMG_4440

Aside from the food, we enjoyed a number of different locations throughout Colorado. Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak are both located just outside of Colorado Springs. Pikes Peak is a beautiful drive and one of the “Fourteeners” meaning the summit reaches over 14,000 feet! To think people climb to the top on foot! Pikes Peak is also pretty well known for its famous sighting of Big Foot, shown clearly by this sign here.

IMG_4426 IMG_0579

What I liked most about Colorado was our activity level. Every day we did something outdoors. We hiked up a few mountain trails and around Red Rocks Amphitheater, rode bikes 16 miles around Lake Dillon, and rode a gondola to the top of Breckenridge. There is really something to be done every day at any time of the year.

IMG_4451 IMG_0639IMG_4480 IMG_4492 IMG_0771

I highly recommend anyone to visit this geographically diverse state. There really is something for all personalities. We will definitely be going back; not only to visit family but to explore more of what Colorado has to offer.

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