Photo of the Week – Week 8

Two weekends ago Theresa’s bridal party got together to knock out some of the DIY crafts she had on her To-Do list. We actually had a really good system going between the six of us, her mom, future mom-in-law, and aunt; a lot was accomplished.

Instead of just having lunch and playing arts and crafts then hitting the road, we¬†planned a Girl’s Night for some more bridal party bonding. That evening we had dinner and headed to Cosmic Bingo at the Casino. If some of you are cocking your head to the side wondering what exactly Cosmic Bingo is, you’re not alone. Until Theresa introduced it to me I too had no idea. It is essentially Rock’N’Bowl but with Bingo. There are crazy disco lights, themed costumes, and blaring music. It was a blast! Not to mention we had a great group of girls to play with. After the shenanigans at Bingo and walking away with zero winnings amongst our group, we headed to one of the many bars in the Casino. We danced the night away and had yet another fantastic night together.

Now this picture isn’t of the best quality but it was one of the best from the evening of cell phone shots. We have a few more events in the horizon pre-wedding. I’m very much looking forward to spending them with this group of girls.


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