Photo of the Week – Week 3

For Cara’s birthday, she decided she wanted to head north to her old stomping grounds and spend a few days skiing. Back in high school and college she used to be a ski instructor with her Dad, in fact her Dad still is! Liz and I took a day off work and met Cara and her husband Chris up at the mountain. It was a great day! We had beautiful conditions and being that it was in the middle of a non-holiday week, we basically had the mountain to ourselves.

After lunch we were hit with some fresh snow. It made for awesome skiing! At the top of the mountain, Cara and I stopped for a quick photo in front of one of the more difficult trails. We refrained from taking a run down, well mostly because of the CAUTION sign. Not to mention the fact that this was my first time on a mountain in about three years. I was not quite ready for such difficult terrain. This picture really just shows how hard the snow was coming down at this point. Still a fun, memorable shot!


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