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Photo of the Week – Week 12

I’ve mentioned before that once a month a group of us get together for a little Girl’s Night dinner outing. We try to mix up the cuisine and restaurant to try new places and foods. This month we headed up to Saratoga Springs. The Merry Monk had mussels on special, two for one! We each enjoyed a pound with different flavorings. Accompanied with House Frites and Caramalized Brussels Sprouts we had ourselves a delicious meal. I’m looking forward to the next outing and to see what is next on our list.


Photo of the Week – Week 11

It’s been a quiet couple of weeks, other than working quite a bit. I am 100% okay with this given the months ahead of me. My two girlfriends’ weddings are right around the corner which means weekends full of bachelorette festivities, showering the brides, and wedding bliss. Not to mention my upcoming trip to Florida where I will knock off another state on my Food Tour list.

Being that I was home a lot, I was able to spend quite a bit of snuggle time with my furry beast. Naturally I took dozens of pictures but this one is probably my favorite. He just looks so sweet and innocent .


Photo of the Week – Week 10

St. Patrick’s Day is a pretty big holiday in New York’s capital, specifically Parade Day. You may remember my post covering the days’ events last year when my very own Mom was the Grand Marshall. This year was very similar to last without a few later evening events. Dianna’s family hosted a pre-parade boozy brunch at their house. We had everything from bagels and doughnuts to french toast and cheesy egg casserole (and of course a few pitchers of mimosas).

I then proceeded downtown to meet up with Sabrina and her family, per tradition. This year I was not participating in the parade so I was able to hang out before hand. It was a good thing too because the weather turned out to be pretty crappy. I then headed to the Irish bar downtown to try and venture through the crowds and reach another group of friends. It was interesting to say the least.

It was a low key Parade Day compared to years’ past but still fun none the less. However, I don’t think I took one picture throughout the days activities. Luckily, I can always count on Sabrina to snap our traditional shot. So this week’s photo was taken by Sabrina (well actually her boo with her phone). Thanks Adam!


Photo of the Week – Week 9

Nick and I took a impromptu trip to New York City to meet up with some of his friends who were visiting for a few days. We took the train into Grand Central and headed right for the Empire State Building. No one in the group had ever ventured to the top. In fact, Nick and I realized that there are quite a few sites we have yet to see in New York City. We took advantage of the opportunity and went to the 86th Floor Observation Deck.

It was the perfect time of day to be viewing the Big Apple. We were able to see the sun set turn to twilight and eventually into night. This is when New York really came to life. The city lights were incredible from this vantage point. The picture below is my favorite of the hundred that we took. You are able to see the iconic landmarks of midtown Manhattan and beyond.


Photo of the Week – Week 8

Two weekends ago Theresa’s bridal party got together to knock out some of the DIY crafts she had on her To-Do list. We actually had a really good system going between the six of us, her mom, future mom-in-law, and aunt; a lot was accomplished.

Instead of just having lunch and playing arts and crafts then hitting the road, we planned a Girl’s Night for some more bridal party bonding. That evening we had dinner and headed to Cosmic Bingo at the Casino. If some of you are cocking your head to the side wondering what exactly Cosmic Bingo is, you’re not alone. Until Theresa introduced it to me I too had no idea. It is essentially Rock’N’Bowl but with Bingo. There are crazy disco lights, themed costumes, and blaring music. It was a blast! Not to mention we had a great group of girls to play with. After the shenanigans at Bingo and walking away with zero winnings amongst our group, we headed to one of the many bars in the Casino. We danced the night away and had yet another fantastic night together.

Now this picture isn’t of the best quality but it was one of the best from the evening of cell phone shots. We have a few more events in the horizon pre-wedding. I’m very much looking forward to spending them with this group of girls.


Photo of the Week – Week 7

I’m a little behind with my Photo of the Week posts, so you’ll have to bear with me as I play catch up. There has been a lot going on to keep me busy. From two of my good friends upcoming nuptials and all of the events and planning in between to a new business venture that has kept my “Free Nights” preoccupied.

I was recently asked by a local breakfast and lunch spot to bake their desserts and other various baked goods. I happily accepted and have been doing so for a few weeks now. This has been a great way to expand my product to new clientele. We stopped in one day for breakfast and I was able to see a batch of my monster cookie bars on display. It actually was a pretty cool feeling. I have hopes that this will open the door for even more opportunities.


Photo of the Week – Week 6

For Valentine’s Day I thought it would be best to steer clear of the crowds. It is rare these days for Nick and I both to have a full night off together so we both thought it would be nice to enjoy dinner and a movie at home. I took control of the meal, while Nick was in charge of dessert.

I wanted to make something a little more special. You know, not the typical weeknight meal of burgers or tacos. I came upon a brilliant idea of recreating the delicious meal we enjoyed in Tampa, FL at Bella Cafe. The pear sachets in saffron cream sauce were really to die for. So I embarked on an adventure of recreating this delectable dish. Though I had a few setbacks, I am confident that my dish was pretty close to the original. Practice makes perfect though, so stay tuned!


Photo of the Week – Week 5

This past weekend we celebrated Dianna’s upcoming wedding with a Bridal Shower. This was the first of many exciting events to come in the next few months. Along with the bridesmaids, Dianna’s mom planned a lovely afternoon brunch for Dianna and her closest ladies. Even a few of Di’s best college friends made the trip up from downstate to help celebrate!

Dianna has a larger bridal party, so it was nice to have the afternoon to spend together before the Big Day. We were just missing two bridesmaids who live out of town, however this is one of my favorite moments from the day.


Photo of the Week – Week 4

This past week the Northeast got slammed with a few winter storms. Particularly the one that swept through last Sunday hit our area pretty hard. We ended up having a snow day from work, which is unheard of! You can imagine the excitement Quattro had when he saw the mounds of snow outside. After clearing the driveway and sidewalks, I had a quick photoshoot with the beast. It was still snowing so I ended up with a few really cool shots. This one in particular is my favorite.


Photo of the Week – Week 3

For Cara’s birthday, she decided she wanted to head north to her old stomping grounds and spend a few days skiing. Back in high school and college she used to be a ski instructor with her Dad, in fact her Dad still is! Liz and I took a day off work and met Cara and her husband Chris up at the mountain. It was a great day! We had beautiful conditions and being that it was in the middle of a non-holiday week, we basically had the mountain to ourselves.

After lunch we were hit with some fresh snow. It made for awesome skiing! At the top of the mountain, Cara and I stopped for a quick photo in front of one of the more difficult trails. We refrained from taking a run down, well mostly because of the CAUTION sign. Not to mention the fact that this was my first time on a mountain in about three years. I was not quite ready for such difficult terrain. This picture really just shows how hard the snow was coming down at this point. Still a fun, memorable shot!


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