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Photo of the Week – Week 24

It has been a whirlwind of a year for us three ladies shown below, Theresa especially. She was married, got a new job, and moved all within about two months time. I also started a new job and Sarah was bouncing around her numerous friends weddings and life events. It is pretty crazy to think that that three of us met a little over three years ago and have formed a lifelong friendship. I’m thankful to have these two in my life. We have shared lots of laughs and adventures over the years, with many more to come.

The picture below was taken on Theresa’s drive through town. She was heading from her parents in western NY to her new home in Boston. Luckily, Sarah and I are just about half way so she made a pitstop to enjoy lunch. To top it off, it was Sarah’s birthday!


Photo of the Week – Week 22

Over the winter, Nick and his friends planned a trip to Montreal for the Formula 1 race. Being that I have never actually stepped foot in Montreal, let alone Canada, I decided to tag along. For those, such as myself, who are not sure what Formula 1 actually is, it is the highest class of single seat auto racing. Basically, these cars are incredibly fast, reaching up to over 200mph. It’s actually pretty incredible.

A group of 10 headed into Canada for the weekend to take in all of the sights and events Formula 1 had to offer. Aside from the main event, there were loads of vendors, performers, and thousands of people. Though we did not experience a lot of Montreal the city, it was a good sneak peak which will prompt me to return again to explore.

Oh, did I mention that the race is held on the Ile Notre-Dame, which is a small island one subway ride away from the main city? The picture below isn’t the greatest, but it will give you a good idea of just how many people were on this little island. The picture illustrates just one of the thirteen turns or grand stands located on the track. Add that to the hundreds of people that had general admission with no grand stand seating. It was pretty incredible just how many people were in attendance.


Atlantic City: Bachelorette Edition

IMG_0612Just like when Dianna became engaged, when Matt proposed to Theresa one of the first things she decided on was what the bachelorette weekend would consist of. I knew she wanted to do a weekend away and was pretty excited to hear we would be going to Atlantic City. You see, I have never actually been to AC or any part of the Jersey Shore for that matter. So not only would this be a great weekend away with the girls, it would also be a place to cross off the old Bucket List. (more…)

Photo of the Week – Week 18

To celebrate Theresa’s upcoming wedding, the Bridal Party and Co. organized a killer weekend in Atlantic City. We were quickly approaching the Big Day and knew this was the best way to send Theresa off into married life. Now, there will be a much more detailed post to follow with many more photos and stories. However, I felt I should kick it off with one of my favorite pictures of the weekend; our group at Harrah’s Pool After Dark


USA Food Tour: Florida


When I decided to make a long weekend trip to visit Amanda and Ryan, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to cross Florida off of my USA Food Tour list. Key Lime Pie is the food of choice and I was more than happy to oblige by it. I started doing my research in and around the South Florida area to figure out where we should make a stop.

Once I had mentioned my plan to Amanda, she immediately came up with an even better idea. She suggested that we make a trip down to the Florida Keys and really sample the best of the best Key Lime Pie. I was beyond excited about this as the Keys have always been on my bucket list. We also decided that we could not just make one stop, because really how would we be able to choose? Instead we settled on several different locations. (more…)

Photo of the Week – Week 16

Since Amanda and Ryan moved to Florida four years ago, I’ve tried to make it down for a visit once a year. I’ve made it three out of those four years! Originally I was going to try and make it down for their organization’s golf tournament, however it was undetermined when that would be. Instead, we just picked a date that looked best in the spring in the midst of all of my wedding activities for a full fledge bonding weekend.

After filling Amanda in on my USA Food Tour plans, she came up with the most brilliant idea. Since we were in search of the best Key Lime Pie, what better than taking a little overnight trip to the Florida Keys? I was so excited to cross Florida off of my Food Tour list in the most appropriate fashion.

Being that Key West connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Gulf of Mexico, you really are in for a treat with the beautiful scenery; not to mention the killer sunsets. We made sure to make the sunset Saturday evening so we could watch from start to finish. And boy was it worth it. You have not seen a sunset until you’ve seen a west coast sunset. Needless to say, I chose one of my favorites for my photo of the week during my quick trip to South Florida.


Photo of the Week – Week 9

Nick and I took a impromptu trip to New York City to meet up with some of his friends who were visiting for a few days. We took the train into Grand Central and headed right for the Empire State Building. No one in the group had ever ventured to the top. In fact, Nick and I realized that there are quite a few sites we have yet to see in New York City. We took advantage of the opportunity and went to the 86th Floor Observation Deck.

It was the perfect time of day to be viewing the Big Apple. We were able to see the sun set turn to twilight and eventually into night. This is when New York really came to life. The city lights were incredible from this vantage point. The picture below is my favorite of the hundred that we took. You are able to see the iconic landmarks of midtown Manhattan and beyond.


Photo of the Week – Week 8

Two weekends ago Theresa’s bridal party got together to knock out some of the DIY crafts she had on her To-Do list. We actually had a really good system going between the six of us, her mom, future mom-in-law, and aunt; a lot was accomplished.

Instead of just having lunch and playing arts and crafts then hitting the road, we planned a Girl’s Night for some more bridal party bonding. That evening we had dinner and headed to Cosmic Bingo at the Casino. If some of you are cocking your head to the side wondering what exactly Cosmic Bingo is, you’re not alone. Until Theresa introduced it to me I too had no idea. It is essentially Rock’N’Bowl but with Bingo. There are crazy disco lights, themed costumes, and blaring music. It was a blast! Not to mention we had a great group of girls to play with. After the shenanigans at Bingo and walking away with zero winnings amongst our group, we headed to one of the many bars in the Casino. We danced the night away and had yet another fantastic night together.

Now this picture isn’t of the best quality but it was one of the best from the evening of cell phone shots. We have a few more events in the horizon pre-wedding. I’m very much looking forward to spending them with this group of girls.


Photo of the Week – Week 7

I’m a little behind with my Photo of the Week posts, so you’ll have to bear with me as I play catch up. There has been a lot going on to keep me busy. From two of my good friends upcoming nuptials and all of the events and planning in between to a new business venture that has kept my “Free Nights” preoccupied.

I was recently asked by a local breakfast and lunch spot to bake their desserts and other various baked goods. I happily accepted and have been doing so for a few weeks now. This has been a great way to expand my product to new clientele. We stopped in one day for breakfast and I was able to see a batch of my monster cookie bars on display. It actually was a pretty cool feeling. I have hopes that this will open the door for even more opportunities.


Photo of the Week – Week 6

For Valentine’s Day I thought it would be best to steer clear of the crowds. It is rare these days for Nick and I both to have a full night off together so we both thought it would be nice to enjoy dinner and a movie at home. I took control of the meal, while Nick was in charge of dessert.

I wanted to make something a little more special. You know, not the typical weeknight meal of burgers or tacos. I came upon a brilliant idea of recreating the delicious meal we enjoyed in Tampa, FL at Bella Cafe. The pear sachets in saffron cream sauce were really to die for. So I embarked on an adventure of recreating this delectable dish. Though I had a few setbacks, I am confident that my dish was pretty close to the original. Practice makes perfect though, so stay tuned!


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